Frequently asked questions

How do you beat the stock market?

Our weekly stock signals use a combination of many specific technologies developed over a 15- year period to do as Mark Twain originally suggested:

”Buy good quality common stocks that go up. If they do not go up, do not buy them”.

While Twain said it tongue-in-cheek, it encapsulates our mission. We identify stocks that go up, before they go up, with a 88-92% probability of being correct. We do this using novel technology developed in-house, including state of the art artificial intelligence. A few of these concepts are:

  • Artificial Intelligence – our speciality revolves around artificial intelligence in several forms
  • Quantitative business analytics – analyzing business models using big data.
  • Growth projection – in-house methods used to project the future non-linear growth of a business.
  • Margin of safety principles – safety seen as a prerequisite to intelligent investing as pioneered by Benjamin Graham.
  • Valuation technologies – novel methods for calculating the intrinsic value of a business.
  • Intelligent Investment Technologies – approx. 100 different methods for outperforming the market developed in-house
  • AI Score – in-house AI which estimate risk & reward, alpha in a stock.
  • Portfolio management technology – software for optimizing risk/reward characteristics of a portfolio.
  • The scientific method – everything is based on the central method upon which a thesis can be formed, tested, and refined.

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