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Our Algorithms

Our algorithms are based on scientific business research and not random number patterns.

+90% Win Ratio

Our win ratio of +90% is almost unheard of! 9/10 of our stock picks have been sold with a profit. +93.67% to be exact.

7-day money back guarantee

If you don’t absolutely love our service after signing up. No worries, we’ll give your money back - No questions asked.

Why we're different

There's 100's of signal services out there and they all have 2 things in common. They obsess about charts, tickers & prices and they never work.

Instead of searching for meaningless data-mined patterns in stock prices, we're looking behind the ticker and evaluating the actual business it represents.

You're in full control

We don’t hold a single penny of your money & we’ll never ask for your bank details. Every step of the way you are in full control of your own investments. Just like you should be!

It’s REALLY simple to use

Once you sign up you are already looking at this week’s tip! If you want to buy it, you simply do so with your bank or broker. That's it.

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You most likely won’t need this at all. But just in case you have any questions, or want to use our 7-day money back guarantee. Just send us a message.

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The Stock Tips

We won’t keep you guessing. Here’s an example what you’ll see in the dashboard every week.

WeeklyStockTip dashboard

Latest sell signals

Here's our latest sell signals (updated monthly)

NameBought atSold atReturn
Signet Jewelers Limited (SIG)$17.10$30.1776.43%
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (NVMI)$25.19$35.8442.28%
Flexsteel Industries, Inc. (FLXS)$17.16$17.532.16%
Usana health science (USNA)$57.10$131.95131.09%
World Acceptance Corporation (WRLD)$50.62$118.61134.31%
America's Car-Mart Inc. (CRMT)$39.70$83.45110.20%
Insight Enterprises Inc. (NSIT)$25.92$55.14112.73%
Foot Locker Inc. (FL)$34.50$56.4063.48%

Outperform the market using our proprietary algorithms.

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Questions?.. We know you have some

How do you beat the stock market?

Our weekly stock signals use a combination of many specific technologies developed over a 15- year period to do as Mark Twain originally suggested:

”Buy good quality common stocks that go up. If they do not go up, do not buy them”.

While Twain said it tongue-in-cheek, it encapsulates our mission. We identify stocks that go up, before they go up, with a 88-92% probability of being correct. We do this using novel technology developed in-house, including state of the art artificial intelligence. A few of these concepts are:

  • Artificial Intelligence – our speciality revolves around artificial intelligence in several forms
  • Quantitative business analytics – analyzing business models using big data.
  • Growth projection – in-house methods used to project the future non-linear growth of a business.
  • Margin of safety principles – safety seen as a prerequisite to intelligent investing as pioneered by Benjamin Graham.
  • Valuation technologies – novel methods for calculating the intrinsic value of a business.
  • Intelligent Investment Technologies – approx. 100 different methods for outperforming the market developed in-house
  • AI Score – in-house AI which estimate risk & reward, alpha in a stock.
  • Portfolio management technology – software for optimizing risk/reward characteristics of a portfolio.
  • The scientific method – everything is based on the central method upon which a thesis can be formed, tested, and refined.

How risky is this?

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With those results, why isn't this a hedgefund?

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